Harvard gave a list of healthy diet products which should be in your plate in order to be healthy and increase the ageing time and boost your health. This diet includes all the required nutrition which promotes the health and manages the ageing period. It all depends on the metabolic reactions going on in our body which will be boosted by a good diet.


Here I am going to mention the best way to set your plate according to Harvard in order to be healthy and live more than the usual life. Just by modification of some lifestyle and the nutritional diet you will be able to live a healthy and long life than the others who are not maintaining and arranging the lifestyle and diet. This diet was suggested in 2011 by Harvard , but this time it is in trend because of the problems created by this concern.

1. Maintain the Best diet

Maintaining a healthy diet in your food is an important concern in order to be healthy, Harvard suggested the way in which you have to set the food according to the ratio set in the Harvardian diet. This image given below suggest the variety of food present in your plate. It also contains good healthy eating oil and water which should be maintained in your plate to manage ageing.

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This diet purely include the vegetables ,Whole grain, healthy protein, fruits, healthy eating oil and a glass of water which helps in smooth metabolic reactions which results in improved quality of life and decreasing rapid ageing.

2. Whole grain (25%)

Refined grains in your diet will lack all the important parts of the grain which gives you energy and fiber. Now a days people are ignoring whole grain food instead they prefer refined grains because the taste in refined grain is quiet enhanced which really creates different types of problems. Whole grain food contains oats, quinoa, whole wheat and some others.

3. Fruits and Vegetables (50%)

Fruits and vegetables are the best natural things to keep you fit and healthy. They contain almost all type of nutrients which helps in maintaining the rapid ageing. Fruits and vegetables are rich in important nutrients which are needed by our body. Always prefer eating whole fruit and vegetable instead of making juice of it. Try to eat colorful and fresh vegetables. Prefer more vegetables than fruits in your diet but keep in mind that both should constitute about 50% of your total diet.

4. Healthy Proteins (25%)

Healthy diet proteins are very important for our body because the function of protein in our body is countless from which some important functions are maintaining immunity, repairing damaged tissues, regulating hormonal signaling. healthy protein include meat, fish, beans and nuts which contain enough amount of protein for our body. Always prefer Red meat instead of consuming the processed or overcooked meat because they are not much effective for our health.

5. Always use healthy cooking oil

While cooking food, always use the oil which is good for body like olive oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil and soy oil etc. Avoid using unhealthy trans fats which are silent killers of human body. These unhealthy oils can cause many cardiovascular problems.

6. Prefer water, tea or coffee over milk

This point arises in Harvard diet because there are so many people who are lactose intolerant in United States and that is why a person should consume low sugar diet and will consume water, tea and coffee alternatively with their alternate meals. Limit your milk and dairy product consumption to one or two servings in a day and avoid using sugar in these.

7. Stay active by physical movements

We must include active movements in our routine because day by day we are ageing and we must include learning good habits for our body. In this routine you must go for morning walk or join fitness classes for at least half an hour to keep yourself active and fit for a long time.

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