While growing, we see some of the popping nerves (Varicose vein) which makes a bulge just below the surface. They look like they are just beneath the skin , most commonly in legs and feet. These Varicose vein occurs when the valves preventing backflow of blood in veins are damaged or weak with age or any underlying medical condition. Due to these pop up of nerves people get confuse whether it is a matter of concern or not and do they need to call the doctor or visit the hospital.

Varicose vein
compression therapy

According to a report 25 % of people in US are suffering from Varicose veins because of the prolonged sitting or prolonged standing jobs which damage the valves in the vein which prevent backflow due to which a pressure is created inside the veins causing the bulging of the veins.

Although these veins look quiet scarry due to which so many people are stressed about it, but it is not any detrimental of health , so you don’t need to be so much concerned about it. Sometimes it is only build up by the pressure created due to prolonged sitting or standing.

The most prone people are the smokers, person with obesity or overweight, pregnant lady, using contraceptive pills and the people who are very inactive and lazy.

Goodbye to Varicose Veins and DVT with Compression Therapy :

Varicose veins affect the veins due to which the circulation of the blood gets disturbed causing a lots of problems in the body. Compression stockings or compression wears help the patient with varicose vein and DVT maintain their circulation of blood regardless of the valves. These compression wear elevate the blood pressure due to which build up of blood stops in vein and circulation of blood to heart get improves.

These compression stocking wear include compression socks, bandage and wraps which helps in maintaining the blood circulation to the heart. These compression stockings are easy and accessible to the patient because it is easily available and they do not harm or disturb your aesthetics.

If you have to stand for long time in your activity or job, than you must wear the compression socks to maintain and improve the blood circulation to avoid any complication with your job or activity. During pregnancy, the woman are more prone to swelling in legs, which can also be managed by these compression socks.

You have to wear compression socks in the morning when your activities start and wear till you go to the bed, because it will keep your blood pressure and circulation managed and you will get rid of the pain and other symptoms of the varicose vein.

The pressure of the compression socks is also measured .It is measured in unit mmHg and for the case of varicose vein the medium pressure that is 20 to 30 mmHg is considered the best pressure of socks in case of varicose vein, which will provide the right amount of pressure to the veins. If you are not sure about the pressure of socks than consult with your doctor for proper prescription

Prevention of Varicose veins

If you have any history of previous varicose vein in your family or you have any pre-existing condition than you will have the increased chance of getting it again. There are many preventive measures that can be taken in order to avoid any further complication. Since sitting or standing for a long time can cause this condition, so you have to avoid it and make a proper exercise plan to avoid these pose of standing or sitting for prolonged time. You have to practice exercises focusing on stretching calves and hamstring and also to sleep in a position your feet are at higher height than your heart, these both practices will increase your blood circulation.

Woman should avoid wearing tight cloths and high heels because it can cause restriction in blood circulation which will lead to extreme pain. Sclerotherapy can be useful during this situation because it can cause the varicose veins to disappear just in a few weeks. This procedure involves injecting a chemical that will make the inner vein wall to swallow and stick together, so that the blood flow stops in this vein. In few weeks the varicose veins will disappear.

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