Are you searching for Top Differences between Running And Walking ,Both Running And Walking involves use of bones and muscles. These activities improves the blood circulation and overall bone and muscle health in the body. We have discussed important points in detail below ?

Running And Walking

What is walking ?

Walking is a type of daily aerobic activity done with the help of co-ordination of all muscles of the body in a way that a person moves forward in a normal way, without falling down. During this activity of walking, people use their muscles of the body to maintain the balance during walking, which strenghthens the muscle and prevents any contracture in the muscle.

Running And Walking

One should walk regularly to maintain the health of the body as well as to keep the blood circulation normal and avoid any circulatory disease. Walking involves use of overall body to move in a way that atleast one leg should remain on the ground and other in the air.

What is Running ?

Running and walking both are almost same form of activity but running involves the more harshed use of the movements and the intensity is increased in a way that the person can do it in a fast way. Actually Running is more intensed form of walking, but it involves more number of muscles then walking as it is done in more faster form and body need to maintain the speed as well as the balance and coordination.

Running And Walking

During the time of running, both of the feets can come in the air together just opposite to the walking where atleast one foot was on the ground to support and balance the body. Running is a high impact activity which can be only done by the healthy people.

Differences between Running And Walking

  • As we have discussed about running and walking (in short) in above paragraphs, from where we come to know that the main difference between running and walking is the ‘intensity’, which is more in running and less during walking and it causes the main differences on the effects of these on our body.
  • If you are walking daily, then it will keep your cardiovascular health very good and the blood circulation in the body will be maintained to keep you fresh for the whole day. This keeps you healthy and diabetes patients must put the habbit of walking in the morning daily.
Running And Walking
  • Walking will only involve the gentle and weight bearing exercise of the body, but to increase the strength and power of your muscles, Running is the perfect activity. It involves movement and stretching of the muscles of the whole body, which gradually keeps increasing the power of your muscle.
  • Walking is a low impact activity, which impacts the joints lesser. If the patient have problem in his/her joints, then he/she will not be able to perform the running and there comes the role of walking which involves low imact, weight bearing activity

Effects of Running And Walking on our body

Both running and walking are aerobic activities which are performed to improve the blood flow or circulatory system and to maintain the other health factors in normal range like diabetes. The benefits of Running And Walking are not countable, but here we have listed 5 different points about the effects of these on our body and overall health.

Running And Walking
  1. Improves Cardiovascular health – Walking on daily basis improves the health of heart and keeps it in fluent working condition. Running improves the strength of the heart which ultimately improves the blood circulation.
  2. Intensity and fitness – Both of these activities contribute in overall fitness and running improves the intensity because running is considered to be a higher intensity workout and it leads to faster improvements in cardiovascular fitness.
  3. Burn your Calories – Running is considered as one of the best exercise for burning your calories. If compared to walking, running can burn more calories then walking and that’s why if you want to burn your calories, you have to start running daily for a few miles.
  4. Psychological benefits – Both of these activities improves the psychological conditions like mood and stress. Improve in blood circulation keeps your body active and fresh which ultimately improves your daily productivity.
  5. Bone health – Running is a high intensity weight bearing exercise which involves the joints and bones, which improves overall bone density. Walking is also same as running but the impact is quite low during walking if compared to running.
Running And Walking

Running And Walking are both different intensity workout and involves all muscles and bones. Both of these improves the overall cardiovascular health and strength of bones and soft tissues. Good Blood circulation keeps you healthy, fit and active during your daily life activities.

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